Nearpod Fun Friday Games


Looking for ways to build classroom community during the first week of school? These no-prep Nearpod games are perfect for back to school! Make learning fun!!!


Detailed Information about this Resource

This product contains an informative PDF to help you get started and a link to a Nearpod lesson.

NOTE: You must have a Nearpod account to use this resource. It is free to sign up at

Here is what’s included:

  • 6 interactive games that can be completed during live virtual lessons (described below)
  • detailed descriptions of all games and activities
  • a pacing guide describing how to implement virtual morning meeting during the first two weeks of school
  • teaching tips and set-up instructions

There are six games included in this lesson:

  • Student Guess Who: Students draw a self-portrait and two clues about themselves on their Nearpod screens. Then, the teacher digitally shares one with the class via Nearpod. The students must use the clues to guess who drew the picture.
  • 2 Time to Climb EDITABLE games: Prior to playing, edit these questions to describe you, the teacher, or the students. These games are fun after the students have gotten to know each other a bit!
  • I’m Thinking of an Animal: Students draw an animal and think of three clues. The teacher shares a picture using Nearpod and the student says their clues. The other students then try to guess the animal.
  • Artist Helper: Students are given a shape or line and asked to finish the drawing. This game is very fun! You will love seeing what your students come up with!!!

An introduction to Nearpod…

Nearpod is an engaging and interactive way to deliver instruction through distance learning and/or support your math centers. You can create a free Nearpod account, and the instructions for doing so are included in this bundle. It only takes 2 minutes to sign up.


Students can either join the lesson by using a desktop/Chromebook and going to the Nearpod website OR students can use the app on a tablet/ipad.


Nearpod can be used in two ways. These lessons can be assigned to your whole class simultaneously, allowing you to control your students’ screens even when in a different location. They can also be assigned to individual students to complete on their own. I LOVE to assign Nearpod lessons as independent work during centers. It gives students the opportunity to practice when working independently. The best part is that you will have access to reports that show you all of their answers. This makes for very useful data!


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