First Week of School Ice Breakers Bundle


These first week of school activities will allow you to build your classroom community all while saving time. PLUS, you can use these games throughout the year. They are also PERFECT for Fun Fridays and Morning Meetings.



Are you struggling to find engaging student ice breakers for the first week of school without a ton of prep or stress? This bundle is for you! This bundle of games is ideal for upper grades, but many of the activities can be adapted for grades 1-2. Welcome your new classroom family back to school and help them get to know each other. Whether it is the first day of school or a Fun Friday later on, your students will be smiling ear to ear!

About this Bundle

This bundle contains five resources.

1) This product includes both PowerPoint (includes editable slides) and PDF files for your convenience. Both files include the following:

    • table of contents
    • EDITABLE first week of school schedule with teacher tips
    • teacher tips and directions for all activities
    • digital (Google Slides) and printable points tracker
    • digital (Nearpod) and printable voting sheets
    • 3 team design challenges: The Ultimate Supplies, The Ultimate Classroom, and The Ultimate School (includes planning sheets, voting sheets, and notes pages)
    • worksheets for a classroom walk-through (Notice/Wonder/Infer and Reflection sheet)
    • All About Me (blank worksheet is also included if you wish to create your own)
    • My Goals (blank worksheet is also included if you wish to create your own)
    • I Wish My Teacher Knew
    • Book Interest Form and Reading Preferences Form
    • directions for a Stained Glass Art Project

2) Ice Breakers Volume 1 is a 29-slide PDF file with two ice breaker activities: Student BINGO and Would You Rather.

  • 5 printable versions of Student BINGO
  • 5 digital versions of Student BINGO
  • 2 double-sided printable Would You Rather worksheets
  • 2 double-sided digital Would You Rather worksheets
  • 2 extension activities

3) Ice Breakers Volume 2 is a 23-page PDF file with 2 ice breaker activities: 321 and Color and Search.

  • Game Instructions and Teacher Tips
  • Sample Answer Sheets
  • 5 Worksheets for 3…2…1
  • 5 Unique Worksheets for Color and Search PLUS 5 editable versions

4) Ice Breakers Volume 3 is a 31-page PDF file with two ice breaker activities: Student Guess Who and Artist Helper

  • Teacher Instructions for Each Game
  • Student Instructions for Each Game
  • 5 Worksheets for Student Guess Who
  • Blank Version for Student Guess Who
  • Answer Key Template and Student Guessing Sheet for Student Guess Who
  • 5 Worksheets for Individual Play of Artist Helper
  • 5 Worksheets for Group Play of Artist Helper

5) Nearpod First Week of School Activities is a PDF file that includes a link to a Nearpod lesson.

NOTE: You must have a Nearpod account to use this resource. Sign up for free at

There are six games included in this lesson:

  • Student Guess Who: Students draw a self-portrait and two clues about themselves on their Nearpod screens. Then, the teacher digitally shares one with the class via Nearpod. The students must use the clues to guess who drew the picture.
  • 2 Time to Climb EDITABLE games: Prior to playing, edit these questions to describe you, the teacher, or the students. These games are fun after the students have gotten to know each other a bit!
  • I’m Thinking of an Animal: Students draw an animal and think of three clues. The teacher shares a picture using Nearpod and the student says their clues. The other students then try to guess the animal.
  • Artist Helper: Students are given a shape or line and asked to finish the drawing. This game is very fun! You will love seeing what your students come up with!!!


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